Sunshine Pantry Needs Your Help

Sunshine Pantry on GoFundMe

For 37 years, the Sunshine Pantry has provided food and amenities to those in need in Washington County, and from all over Oregon. Started as a boy scout project by Sharon Straus out of her own home, the pantry has grown into a large scale operation with the help of fantastic volunteers. While we’ve made a difference in the community, the fight to end hunger in Washington County continues.

Over the years, Sunshine Pantry has helped thousands upon thousands of people. Sunshine Pantry was built with many volunteers and a very small budget compared to food banks of similar size. Sunshine Pantry helps up to 15,000 families annually, making a huge impact with those in need.
Sunshine Pantry now needs your help. We are in dire need of funding for the coming year. Even though the economy has improved, we continue providing food and amenities to the same number of families despite receiving fewer donations than previous years. Sunshine Pantry is coming up on a new year and a new lease with our current location and the increase in monies due could force us to close our doors. If we were to receive just a dollar from every resident of Beaverton annually, it would satisfy our budget needs.

We need your help immediately.

We operate an amazing facility and community safety net with very little overhead. Please donate to our GoFundMe and help us reach our goal so we can continue to do our work and help those struggling in and around your community.