Temporarily Closed

Sunshine pantry is currently closed while we move to a new location.

Immediate Need

We need to move our facility to a new location. Sunshine Pantry’s lease has ended with our current location. Fortunately we have found a great location centralized in Beaverton and more accessible to public transportation, one block from a Max stop, making it more convenient for those that can not drive.
We will need to dissemble our coolers and freezers and rebuild in our new facility, as well as move and store all of our food. Moneys will be used for the initial move and costs for labor, trucks, HVAC and critical refrigerated and frozen care of the food in storage involved during such a large project. Sunshine Pantry currently provides more than 500,000 meals a year to Beaverton and Washington County. We need your help! Please give during this holiday season and help us continue with our mission to provide food and amenities to those in need in your community, for years to come. We are Beaverton’s food bank.

To contribute toward Sunshine Pantry’s moving expenses, visit our GoFundMe page.

Support Sunshine Pantry

Even though the economy has improved (thank goodness), our business to help as many people in need has only increased. To make things more challenging, our ability to raise funds to support our efforts are not at the appropriate level.  People think that everything is better for everyone. That’s where you come in. We need your help—first, financially.  Every dollar goes a long way to help those in need. Next, your food contributions are still very welcome. Lastly, we appreciate when you can contribute to our efforts with your kind volunteering.

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